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Preventing Kitchen Fires

We’ve already discussed how to prevent fires while grilling outside. How about kitchen fires? For most of us, having to put out a fire in the kitchen is probably near the top of the things that we don’t ever want…

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Staying Safe While Grilling This Summer

Finally, it’s summertime in Northeast Ohio! With the windchill factor gone from the local weather forecasts, you might be thinking that you no longer have to concern yourself very much with safety at home or outside. But the summer brings…

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Your Brand-New Home

You’re excited to move in to your new place! And who can blame you? It can be a real thrill to find, furnish, and decorate a new home. Whether it’s your first home or simply your newest one, moving in…

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Allergies, Carpeting, and You

Spring is here! But for all too many of us, it goes by a different name: Allergy season. When you’re in the middle of a long string of sneezes, or enduring the stuffy-head congestion of a particularly bad allergy day,…

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