Our Investment Solution

Our Investment Solution

Thinking about buying real estate as an investment property? Planning to contact a real estate agent to find that perfect house, fix it up, lease the investment property, and then hire a management company to maintain the home and deal with tenants?

That’s a terrible idea! Here’s why…

  1. Commissions kill profit.
  2. The fewer commissions you have to pay, the more money you will have to put in your pocket. We help eliminate this revenue loss by avoiding the real estate commission trap to the greatest extent possible.
  3. Management companies make no guarantees and will further siphon-off critical resources from your investment property.
  4. At the end of the day, management companies are in business for themselves. But they don’t have sufficient skin in the game to watch out for their bottom line and yours.
  5. There is a much better way to invest in residential income properties.
  6. Reilly Properties guides investors in the selection, acquisition, marketing, and management of investment properties that are likely to appreciate in value over time. In addition, we will rent your property for one year. You buy the property, and we’ll do everything, including guaranteeing rental income for the first year. Can your real estate agent or management company promise that?

Reilly Properties lays out a comprehensive strategy to achieve a healthy R.O.I. of between 6% and 10%. We accomplish this by helping an investor to select the right home at the right price in an ascending neighborhood. We handle ALL renovations and mechanicals, from repairing the roof and checking sewer lines, to ensuring that the furnace and water tank are updated and functioning properly. We find and secure a qualified, professional tenant with good credit and a solid background (no Section 8 vouchers). Then, we manage the property and the tenant.   


You owe it to yourself to schedule a call with Reilly Properties. Our team has decades of experience profitably investing in real estate in Northeast Ohio. Contact us today to schedule a confidential review of how we can help you realize your investment objectives. You can also review our current list of investment properties here.

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