The Cleveland Real Estate Investor Podcast

The Cleveland Real Estate Investor Podcast

The Cleveland Real Estate Podcast provides insight to investors who want to get an inside scoop on how to properly invest in the Cleveland real estate market.

Where to begin? What are the scenarios you want to avoid? What makes a GOOD property manager? These are just a few questions the Reilly Properties team discusses at length.

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Mike Reilly and Mike Ferrante discuss common mistakes and share horror
stories about investors biting off more than they can chew when buying
residential real estate in Cleveland.

Mike Reilly and Lindsey Reilly talk about how to identify a qualified property
manager, why there are so many incompetent ones out there, and why
Reilly Properties stands out as a top property manager in Cleveland.

Mike Ferrante of Century 21 and Mike Reilly discuss strategies to sell a

A’marri Clancy and Mike Reilly talk about why investors should invest in the
Forest Hill neighborhood in Cleveland.

Mike is joined by Reilly Painting and Contracting foreman, Brook Reilly and they discuss the renovation process before and after buying a new property.

Mike Reilly hops on a call with Mike Ferrante to discuss the key players
needed in the real estate business.

Mike Reilly talks with Travis Reilly about how to furnish a home.

Marketing director, Lindsey Reilly and Mike Reilly talk about how to market
a rental home after furnishing it.

Mike Reilly and Lindsey Reilly give details on Reilly Properties’ property
management services.

Mike Reilly, owner of Reilly Properties and Mike Ferrante, real estate agent at Century 21 talk about when is the best time of year to put your house on the market.

Mike and Maureen talk about the new levy being imposed on Cleveland Heights and University Heights property owners.

Mike Reilly and Mike Ferrante discuss a variety of topics ranging from the sexiness of real estate, to should you do rent to own as a property owner, to the importance of doing your homework on the neighborhood your investing in.

Mike Reilly is joined by investor and client, Geraldo M, and they walk through the process of him buying a property in Cleveland and transforming it into a short term rental.

Mike Reilly, Mike Ferrante and Lindsey Reilly have a very socially distanced podcast. Excuse the audio as we recorded both Mikes on a conference call. The group discusses effects of the coronavirus on the rental market, effects on the buying and selling market and general thoughts on whats to come as far as social and economic developments going forward.

Mike Reilly and Mike Ferrante discuss new developments with the coronavirus, impacts of the virus on the real estate market and general thoughts on the government’s response and citizen’s response.

Mike Reilly and Mike Ferrante give updates on the real estate market during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mike Reilly and President of High Rock Pest Control, Mayer H. discuss what a homeowners checklist should look like for securing their home from pests, bugs, and critters alike.

Joined by Mike and Lindsey Reilly, Mike Ferrante leads the discussion on two topics: How to sell your home using Airbnb and how to manage your Airbnb business during the Covid-19 crisis.

Joined by retail management consultant Bob Antall,
we discuss how the retail business has changed over time with influence of technology and how retail has, and will continue to change after the pandemic.

Mike, Brook, and Lindsey Reilly discuss adjusting in the workplace to the Covid and using apps like Zoom to not only maintain proper communication with employees and clients, but enhance it.

Mike, Brook, and A’marri discuss their 3 different perspectives and experience levels of buying a home.

Mike Reilly and Mike Ferrante revisit the topic of property managers, wholesalers, importance of having a property manager before buying a property and more.