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Cleveland Ohio Real Estate Investment Opportunity – Turnkey Solution Targets 6-10% ROI

Are you looking to invest in real estate? Look no further! Reilly Properties has a Cleveland Ohio real estate investment opportunity that may be perfectly suited to the savvy investor’s needs. Reilly employs a unique approach to real estate investment that is yielding outstanding returns for investors. Why Cleveland? Well, for starters, Cleveland, Ohio was named to National Geographic’s 2018 Best of the World list.

Photograph of Downtown Cleveland as Viewed from the Cuyahoga River

This gem of a city on beautiful Lake Erie is a secret no more, and for very good reason. Cleveland has world class entertainment including a top ten symphony orchestra and the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. Cleveland boasts outstanding sports venues, amazing shopping opportunities, world-class dining, and a renowned medical center in the Cleveland Clinic considered one of the best in the world. Reilly’s Cleveland Ohio real estate investment opportunity leverages these cultural assets into an investment with an outstanding potential ROI for real estate investors.

So why is Cleveland such an attractive destination for real estate investors? The first reason is that residential real estate in the Cleveland market is remarkably affordable when compared to other major markets. The second reason is that Midwest property values are on the rise, which is what investors want to see. The third reason is that Reilly Properties makes it easier than ever for qualified investors to take advantage of this Cleveland Ohio real estate investment opportunity to make outstanding returns of 6-10% on their investment without the hassles that typically attend self-management of residential real estate investment properties.

Cleveland Ohio Real Estate Investment Graphic

Reilly Properties offers a unique service in the industry. We find investors the right properties, fill them with the right tenants, and manage properties profitably. Our investment strategy identifies up-and-coming neighborhoods. Entering these communities early allows investors to capture the greatest possible return-on-investment. We know the local market better than anyone in the area, and we are skilled at acquiring, maintaining, and managing properties for our investor clients.

It cannot be overstated how often we see individual investors lose their shirts trying to go it alone. They pick the wrong properties in the wrong neighborhoods. They typically overpay, fail to attract the right tenants, and get stuck with unprofitable “investments” that are incapable of servicing the debt. This often leads to the deferral of maintenance, failure to pay property taxes, and the ultimate loss of the investment through sale or forfeiture. These eventualities can be avoided by having the right management team in-place. Reilly Properties IS that team. We have the experience and track record necessary to help our investors make the return that they desire.

Reilly Properties lays out a comprehensive strategy to achieve the investor’s end goal (i.e., a healthy R.O.I. of between 6% and 10%). 

How do we do this?

  1. We buy the right homes at the right prices in desirable neighborhoods.
  2. We handle ALL renovations and mechanicals, from repairing the roof and checking sewer lines, to ensuring that the furnace and water tank are updated and functioning properly.
  3. We find and secure a qualified, professional tenant with good credit and a solid background (We do not accept Section 8 vouchers).
  4. We manage the property and the tenant.

Reilly Properties uses a time-tested, common sense approach to real estate investing. We don’t bet on long shots. We leverage our decades of experience in property management and investment to the benefit of our clients.

If you are a qualified investor looking for a fully-managed real estate investment opportunity that aims at a 6-10% ROI, then it’s time that we talk. Let Reilly Properties kick-start your real estate investment plans for 2019.